Our Service Guarantee

We guarantee our work. All work performed has a six month warranty within NSW. 

batemans bay car service workshop

Service and Repairs

batemans bay car servicingCar Servicing

We offer a complete range of quality servicing options for your car, including major and minor servicing and manufacturer's scheduled log book servicing.

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registration and blue slip inspections batemans bayRegistration and Blue Slip Inspections

We provide registration and blue slip inspections for your vehicles.

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brakes service and repairBrakes

We want you and your family to be safe on the road, and one of the key factors in road safety is the braking system of your car

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battery testing and replacement batemans bayBatteries

At Batemans Bay Automotive Repairs, our mechanics will give you the right advice. We also have state of the art battery testing equipment, so we can test a battery in any state of charge.

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shocks suspension and steering repairs batemans bayShocks and Suspension

The condition of your car's steering and suspension system is not only important for safety but is a key factor in reducing maintenance and running costs.

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mechanical repairs batemans bayOther Services and Repairs

Our expert technicians offer a full range of services and mechanical repairs for your vehicle. 

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